About Us

The journey of GoMix began when Matt Forkas was unable to find a truly healthy and delicious on-the-go snack.

GoMix strives to provide people with a snack food that is nutritious and completely natural. We hope to change the way people look at the food they consume while influencing a positive perception on healthy eating with real whole foods.

We started our mission in early 2017 to change the way people snack. We seek to introduce a healthy, raw, and delicious trail mix.

With an interest in conscious eating, our founder Matt Forkas (a cancer survivor) tuned his diet to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. He swapped processed and unhealthy foods for low sugar organic foods. With this, he saw a dramatic positive increase in the way his body reacted to these foods.

We would like to share this good feeling with everyone.

To do this, we started looking for a healthy, unprocessed, on-the-go snack in stores, and much to our surprise we found nothing in sight. So, we took it upon ourselves to source premium raw ingredients and mix them together for a super snack.

Matt Forkas and Sava Nedelcovych with GoMix

After countless trials we finally mixed together the absolute best combination of ingredients to share with everyone. We believe if we provide GoMix to elders, adults, and children we can help them realize how a healthy diet will ultimately lead to a healthier (and happier!) life.

By swapping one candy bar, energy bar, or cookie for a GoMix, you'll find yourself on the path to a healthier and more natural lifestyle - snacking the way nature intended.

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