Try all three flavors with our variety box of 12 for $25 with FREE SHIPPING! ($36 value)
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GoMix offers seven different nuts, seeds, and berries in each of our mixes. We promise you'll enjoy every bite from start to finish!


Each pack of GoMix is perfectly portioned to enjoy any time or place. Our product comes in a single serving pack. No worrying about over eating.


We only use Raw, Organic, and non-GMO ingredients. This means no added sugars, oils, or salts. GoMix is the perfect healthy snack you don't have to worry about when you're eating.

What cool people say?


Amazon Customer

"Super tasty and surprisingly filling - one packet makes for a healthy snack or an easy meal-on-the-go. Although the $24 price point may appear high, since you get 12, the price is directly comparable to KIND Bars, it's just as filling (nearly identical calories and grams of protein), and it's completely raw/unprocessed - it's literally just the ingredients mentioned. Plus if you're like me and need to snack fast before getting back to work, it's all too easy to rip open the package and get an intense burst of flavor and nutrition to help propel you through the remainder of your day."


Amazon Customer

"This has now become my go to snack. I have tried all three flavors and have them depending on mood. I appreciate that there is nothing added to this snack, e.g. sugar. It's all natural, no junk added!. Sometimes I have it by itself, e.g. on my long bike rides or long runs, sometimes I have it on my oatmeal for breakfast. Look forward to new flavors in the future, definitely a repeat customer"


Amazon Customer

"I'm in LOVE with this snack. It's the perfect combination of sweet and hearty. I'm burning through my box already. I also love the cute and easy packaging. Easy to side into my purse and keep for later in the day. You won't regret trying this one out!"